About Us


Gautam Consultancy is a recruitment services provider located at Ahmedabad City in the state of Gujarat (India). Our company was established in the year 2010. In the very beginning years of establishment, we concentrated the most on conducting the research in the Recruitment/HR Industry. Our company’s highly experienced human resource consultants did tremendous research on ground level for the first year post-establishment. This complex research resulted into making us one of the unique experts of the recruitment industry. We don’t believe in jumping directly into the war room without proper planning and strategies. That’s what makes us unique compared to our competitive counterparts. In last 6 years from now, we have built a team of best recruiters who are multi-skilled with multi-tasking abilities. This is our achievement which we wouldn’t have achieved if we had not performed research in the beginning years; post-establishment of our company. This doesn’t end up here; we have also developed certain proven methodologies that are fruitful during the screening and hiring process for both i.e. the clients and the candidates. We have the abilities and capacity to identify and match the ‘Best’ with ‘Best’. A systematic approach at every stage is our greatest strength. ‘Too Fast’ or ‘Too Slow’ both are denied permissions at Gautam Consultancy; as both are harmful in gaining effective results. For the candidates also, we have included numerous job openings (job vacancies) on our Jobs Site.


The entire team at Gautam Consultancy has a common vision of reaching to every corner of the world, so that the advantage of our unique and exclusive methodologies reaches to every person across every corner of the world. Winners always like to do things differently, and we wish our clients and candidates to always win.


Everyone is on a common path, which is indirectly responsible for increased competition. Gautam Consultancy wants to control that competition for our clients and candidates. Our mission is to find an uncommon way of achieving success for our clients and candidates. We are confidently moving ahead to achieve our mission.

What We Do

  • We do something that our clients and candidates would love to receive from us.
  • We do something that creates historical records for our clients and candidates.
  • We do something that is high above mere speeches and promises.
  • We do something that is practically possible for implementation on ground.
  • We do something that affects our clients and candidates in long run.
  • We do something that is responsible and respectful for our company.
  • We do something that is positive for our clients/candidates and negative for their competitors.
  • We do something that is an exclusive and combined HR Solution for our clients and candidates.

Our Uniqueness

In our opinion, the pioneers of recruitment industry are considered as those, which primarily focus on simultaneous growth of both i.e. the candidates and the clients. When a HR services provider focuses only on best talent for their clients, and ignores the factor affecting the candidate’s growth, it would become difficult to search and filter the best talents across globe. Similarly, when a HR consultant focuses only on the growth factor for candidates, it will miss the key point affecting the growth of their client. Thus, there is a strong need to maintain a balance between both the factors to achieve the goals and meet the objective, which in-turn results to success. Ultimate truth is that, when this sort of balance is properly maintained; it also contributes to the growth of company which provides Human Resource Solutions. So, it’s a win-win situation for all the three i.e. the clients, the candidates and the recruitment company. This is our ‘Way of Thinking’ and ‘Method of Working’ that makes us unique in the entire hiring process. Simply running behind numbers/digits to ‘Conduct Maximum Interviews’ and/or ‘Collecting a Junk of Numerous Resumes/CV’ is strictly against the rules of hiring process at Gautam Consultancy. So whether you are a client or a candidate; you can trust on us for always getting the ‘Best of Best’ from Gautam Consultancy.

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